Monday, April 20, 2009

Toy Poodle losing teeth?

Hello I have a 4month old toy poodle and i noticed that his front baby teeth are falling out. I believe that%26#039;s normal, but i%26#039;m not sure because its his front teeth??

Toy Poodle losing teeth?
All dogs start teething at around 3 months, losing their incisors first. They%26#039;ve got all their adult teeth between 7 - 8 months, getting their molars last. But they lose all of their teeth.

To help your puppy while he%26#039;s teething, make sure he%26#039;s got lots of toys of different textures to chew on. Also, if you take an old wash cloth, wet it, freeze it, then give it to him to chew on, he%26#039;ll find that very, very soothing for his sore gums.
Reply:I%26#039;m not sure... I would call your Vet and ask, just to be safe.

please answer my question?!?;...
Reply:yea that%26#039;s totally normal that suppose 2 happen so he can get his adult teeth(which are a little bigger)!
Reply:yes it%26#039;s normal, the permanent teeth push the baby teeth out when they start coming in. you should be able to feel the new teeth that are replacing the other, get a good quality rawhide bone for him to chew on.
Reply:ya its normal i hav a poodle too and it grew back.
Reply:Yep = Normal
Reply:Your dog is goiong to loose all of its teeth jusy like kids do. but i would wear shoes for a while b.c those little things hurt!

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