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Do you brush your dog's teeth?

I haven't been, and today, the vet cleaned her teeth for the first time. She had to have three of them pulled (luckily they were in the back, and it won't affect her eating). She's only four. I didn't think she was old enough to be losing teeth. I feel so bad. I know it could have been prevented. I hope she'll forgive me.

Do you brush your dog's teeth?
It's something I really, really need to start doing. I have before, but not in quite a while.
Reply:Yes I do to prevent dental issues
Reply:Yes I try to as best I can. There are many pet dental hygiene products at pet stores. It cuts down on plaque, and my vet said it also helps with gingivitis.
Reply:I have to give mine dental bones instead. They won't let me near them with their toothbrushes , but they love the dental bones.
Reply:it is recommended to brush your dogs' teeth

some of the treats sold say they clean teeth but it's not the same as brushing
Reply:no but i give my dogs fresh bones and detal bones daily to help keep them clean, my vet says my dog have great teeth.
Reply:it's something i've been considering. my dog has terrible dog breath!

anyway, ropes help, they chew on them and it helps to remove plaque and all that, they also make toys that are specially designed to remove teeth funk. bones can help too. go to petsmart and ask what they suggest.
Reply:yes i do
Reply:No, you don't need to. Dogs have tounges that produce a syliva that kills bacteria. A major advantage for dogs!
Reply:Yes, to prevent issues just like that. I do it everyday, but every other day is probably fine.
Reply:Yes I do because I have seen my mom's dogs' teeth deteriorate from a life of no brushing.

I got my golden used to it while she was a puppy so that it wouldn't be a problem in the future.
Reply:My mom would clean her dogs teeth every day when she brushed her's. It's perfectly normal to brush you dogs teeth.
Reply:The person who said you don't need to is wrong! You should brush them if at all possible, because they can develop severe dental problems. If you are not able to, then make sure they get bones on a fairly regular basis to help clean their teeth. Also, make sure your vet checks there teeth during regular visits, so any possible developing issue can be corrected before it is too late.
Reply:Yes =) he needs clean teeth right? =)
Reply:You disappoint me. I always keep my dogs teeth well brushed. Apart from anything else, it makes them more valuable when I sell them to the local Korean restaurant.


My puppy's teeth are coming out, is this normal?

My puppy is about six months old, has had all his shots and healthy bill from the vet. Recently the last two days, he has been losing teeth... Should I be worried? Is this normal?

He chews on stuffed toys a lot and bones for puppy chewing. Advice ? I am worried about him.

My puppy's teeth are coming out, is this normal?
Yes, its normal.

Deciduous teeth are baby teeth that come out by around 4-6 months.

By a year, if the baby teeth are still present, there's a higher chance of dental disease because of food particles that can get stuck in those teeth.

But losing the teeth is completely normal and healthy. Best thing to do is NOT GIVE BONES but try something called a Nylabone. Dogs can't ingest them (so therefore they can't get intestinal blockages) and they come in varieties which your dog will love.
Reply:Perfectly normal. All puppies lose their baby teeth and grow adult teeth right away. No need to worry :)
Reply:Just like humans, puppies are getting permanent teeth as well.
Reply:He is losing his babyteeth.. Nothing to worry about.

Be happy! Celebrate! This means no more biting! yay! lol
Reply:My puppy did the same thing. I was very alarmed when I began to notice loose teeth in his crate and blood stains on her toys! However it is very normal, and all her fallen teeth are replaced by new set. We have kept her baby teeths as souvenir..

I think toys actually helped her (stuffed animals, homemade socks toy, nylabones, kongs etc..) lose her teeth faster.
Reply:thats good! don't forget that puppy teething doesnt hurt like it does human babies and to not let him bite you. dont give him rawhide, it expands in their tummys and can hurt them.
Reply:Puppies have baby teeth and Adult teeth.

They fall out around 6 months like normal.

He is chewing on a lot of things because he teething.

Don't let anyone tell you puppies don't feel discomfort when they teeth. Dogs just don't show pain like humans do. Dogs can just take a certain amount of pain before they actually whine but they still feel just as much pain as a baby teething. they're just not vocal about it. So sometimes they tend to chew anything. Like your shoes ,socks whatever they can find to give them relief.Just like babies puppies need to chew. Working at pet co doesn't make you an expert on animals its a retail store not a vets office.

You can get enzymatically treated raw hides that digest better in dogs than store bought. Just regular nylon chew bones are fine for him.

No need to worry about him. he sounds like a regular normal puppy.
Reply:No worries!! Every puppie loses its baby teeth. When they are between the ages of 4-8 mos. they go through a stage called "teething" where they chew anything they can because of the sensations going on in their mouth. It is good that you have puppy chewing toys to help in this stage. And as they play with those toys you will notice blood on some of the toys, this is perfectly normal and all part of the teething process. Another thing is that if you notice a tooth missing in your puppy's mouth, but you have not found a tooth in the kennel or on the floor, he/she probably swallowed it accidentaly and don't worry this is also perfectly normal. Don't worry about it your puppy will be fine.

It's a good thing you're concerned though. Hope this eases your anxiety. Good luck with your little guy, I'm sure he'll give you loads of good memories for years to come. :)
Reply:Totally!! They are just like kids. They chew more when they are puppies because their adult teeth are breaking through the gums. enjoy your puppy!!
Reply:Just like when we are little we loose our teeth and get adult teeth, so do puppies. He'll be fine.
Reply:Your puppy is loosing its baby teeth and will grow adult teeth. This is very normal. The good thing is now he won't have those very sharp baby teeth.


Is it normal for older cats to lose their teeth?

i have 2 cats that are about the age of 6 yrs old..they both are losing their that normal or do i need to have that checked out?

Is it normal for older cats to lose their teeth?
My 22 year old cat had lost NO teeth other than one canine which was cracked and had to be pulled. She had her teeth cleaned every year in the seven years that I had her. My other cats of 16, 13 and 12 have not lost any teeth.

So it is not "normal" for a six year old cat or cats to be losing teeth. Some cats, like some people, have a poor genetic profile with teeth and they need regular attention from the veterinarian to maintain their dental and physical health.
Reply:Wet food is a major cause of tooth decay in cats. You may want to have them checked by a vet as this is a early age for cats to start lossing there teeth they may even have more of a tooth problem than you think, which can be costly. I don't want to alarm you i am just giving you a heads up.
Reply:6 years is fairly young to be losing teeth, and it could indicate a gum problem that needs to be addressed by a vet. If the gums are red, then intervention can save your cat. (I am not joking here, gum problems can lead to serious health issues with your cat). However, there are genetic reasons for tooth loss, and if that is the case, your cat will do fine eating even dry food without any teeth.
Reply:well, if they were over 9 or 10 yrs old it would seem normal but 6 yrs old seems strange.
Reply:need to get it checked out - your cats may need a good dental cleaning by the vet. most people think i am nuts when i say i get my cats (or dogs) teeth cleaned, but they need it just like people do. when they are at the vets for their yearly well check, they always check their teeth so if they need cleaning i make the appointment. most of the time they are anywhere from 5 - 7 years old before the tartar starts building up enough to where the vet recommends a cleaning. after that it depends on a lot of things - the type of food they eat, whether or not you are willing to brush them, and sometimes even the type of saliva the animal has. i used to have a dog that had to have her teeth cleaned every 6 months - she lived to a ripe old age of 13 and unfortunately got cancer. my oldest cat is 16 she has to have her teeth cleaned every year. i'm almost to the point of not doing it any more because the anesthesia scares me. i have all of the pre - anesthesia blood work done that the vet recommends, but i'm so afraid that she's not going to wake up. my 4 year old shih tzu x has already had her teeth cleaned twice - small dogs tend to need it more often than larger dogs and also start needing it earlier
Reply:I'm not sure 'normal' is the right word but it's pretty common. Dental disease is almost universal in older cats, and tends to cause tooth loss with time. Obviously some cats are more affected than others, but to find out about *your* cat it would be best to have a vet check his teeth.

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Would you go out with a guy who doesn't have perfect teeth?

Alright so im a high school senior and I go to an all-guys high school so I cant wait to get to college next year. I didnt take very good care of my teeth when I was younger so I dont have the greatest teeth. The teeth themselves arent too bad but my gums are inflamed. However, since my teeth arent exactly white im very self-conscious. Also I realized that the gums between 2 of my teeth look like they have shrunk (that little gum triangle between all your teeth). I was at the dentist recently and he didnt say anything about that. I dont know how serious it is or if theres any way to repare my gums. Im terrified that im gonna start losing teeth. One of my concerns is that girls wont go out with me next year because I dont have perfect teeth. If you have any knowledge about gum disease is it too late to prevent tooth loss? Also girls would you not date a guy just because his teeth and gums arent perfect. Please help because I have become obsessed with my teeth and its all I think about.

Would you go out with a guy who doesn't have perfect teeth?
You would if you weren't american because you're realise there are more important things than teeth, but unfortunatley you're saddled with a society which places too much importance on trivial aspects of people's appearances. Good luck thinking outside the box.
Reply:i will not date a guy with bad teeth because mine are perfect
Reply:The teeth don't have to be perfect, but the mouth does have to be healthy.
Reply:i didnt take care of my teeth either when i was young but i was blessed with straight teeth and i used all sorts of whitening toothpaste and mouthwash so my teeth are pretty white
Reply:i have big teeth , they arent straight ... just buy some whitener for them ... crest white strips do wonders . ask to get a whitening kit from the dentist ...

not that much money
Reply:well you could always date someone who's teeth are more jacked up than yours are...


here's the dealy-o: your personality is much much more important than your gum/teeth long as your teeth aren't jacked enough that you need braces, and you brush them and have fresh breath, i doubt a girl is really going to care.... girls are too worried about what you're thinking to notice you're worried about what they're thinking about your teeth.
Reply:If a guy has good breath and a decent looking smile (no broken teeth, no brown stains) I would date him, even if his teeth weren't perfect.

There are many mouthwashes and toothpastes that promote healthy teeth and gums. Brush twice a day and get your teeth cleaned at least once a year by a dentist.

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Cancer and teeth loss?

My mother in law is suffering from stage IV cervical cancer. During the course of the spreading of it, we began noticing that she was losing teeth here and there. As she is today, she only has some of her front teeth on the top and bottom yet. She had told us that they tested her to see if it had spread to her bone marrow a couple of months ago and she told us the answer was no. Obviously the doctors can't say anything if she refuses to tell us, but I can't seem to find anything linking cancer to teeth loss unless it's oral cancer, or if cancer is in the bones, making them brittle. Does anyone out there know about this? Would it be safe to say perhaps it has spread to the bones? She got very emotional the other day and yelled "it's in my bones" but then apologized and said she didn't mean to say that...

Cancer and teeth loss?
It could be that it moved to her bones but it is more likely to move to organs first. It will shut those down before it gets to her bones. If she has been going thru Kemo, it is likely that is what is causing her to loose her teeth. It is also the cause of hair loss in many cancer patients.

I know it is really hard to see a family member like that.

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Wisdom Teeth?!?

I'm 13 almost 14. I've been having pain in the very back of my mouth and I've stopped growing molars and losing teeth. I heard my dentist talking to my mom about removing my wisdom teeth. I think I might be growing in my wisdom teeth! I can feel them a little under my gums too. Is it unmoral to have your wisdom teeth at this age?

Wisdom Teeth?!?
No, I'm not sure why they would be. To me, going through unnecessary pain is immoral. I had my wisdom teeth pulled at about your age. It's no big deal. Don't worry.
Reply:I am in the same position im 14 and there taking my wisdom teeth out... iam so nervous all of them are impacted ouch!!! Report It

Reply:they rip themm out, after braces come off
Reply:People tend to get them about age 15-25 when they are becoming adults. It is not unlikley though that you could be growing them earlier. Removal is normal and so is the pain in the back.
Reply:Mine came in at about 17, so 13 is younger then most. I got mine extracted already, I was put under for it, really easy on my part, just closed my eyes and woke up with three less teeth!! (I only had 3, not 4)
Reply:Well I can tell you it is normal I am 16 and I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled the 27th and I am a little nervous. I started to get my wisdom teeth when I was 13 but they were way way way down in my gums. My dentist showed me. They started coming in when I was 13 and then when I was 14 going on 15 they were totally ready to be pulled. So it was normal for me. Hope this helped.
Reply:My wisdom teeth are still coming in half way out, i'm fifteen and two days ago I had to have my front tooth removed, because some idiot made me fall two years ago!!! If you get your wisdom teeth removed you can lose your taste, and if you feel them coming in dont get then removed hope this helps


Problems with my teeth?

ok so im 14 and i asked my dad if my tooth were 2 fall out will another grow. he said im to old 2 be losing teeth. anyways lately my tooth feels soft and hurts every now and then.. but wen i touch it ,it doesn't move. also i put oraljel on it that doesn't work much but is it some wit my gum or is it my tooth. and its my back teeth like the second one, two the last one.and well a tooth grow back? plzz help

Problems with my teeth?
No, all your teeth that you have at present are what dentists call "permanent" teeth. Unlike members of the ray family(sharks, skates, rays), humans only have one extra set of teeth when they are born. The looseness and soreness that you are experiencing could be attributed to a lack of calcium. I would seek advice from an orthodontist or your family dentist.
Reply:You should get your parents to take you to a dentist. A tooth that hurts could be a sign of serious decay, and it needs to be looked at by a dentist. It could indeed just be your gums, but only they can be sure.

If it's in your back teeth, you could be having problems with your wisdom teeth starting to grow in. I even more seriously urge you to get to your dentist. Some people can get their wisdom teeth just fine, but for other people they grow in sideways or crooked and cause problems by pushing around all of your other teeth. You don't want that, so get to a dentist.

A baby tooth will grow back, but you're past that stage. If you lose one now, it's gone.
Reply:Well, u gotta see a dentist.

Generally speaking, permanent teeth ( grown up teeth) erupt from age 6 till 13 except for wisdom teeth which normally erupt between 18 %26amp; 21. but some variations may occur.

From what u said I don't think that the tooth ur talking about will be replaced.

A permanent tooth may become loose due to gum disease, usually due to improper home dental care( brushing %26amp; so). But what u r describing is most likely due to tooth decay. If u r teeth hurt u when u eat or drink something ( especially cold or hot drinks or sweet stuff) then it's most probably decayed %26amp; needs a restoration. But if the pain comes with no cause or stays for a long period after the cause is gone then the pulp may be affected %26amp; u need root canal treatment %26amp; in this case ur tooth might seem soft or a bit loose. If the pulp is affected then painkillers wont do much, u gotta have it treated.

bottom line: u gotta clean ur teeth very well %26amp; have a dentist check ur teeth.
Reply:Well they are baby teeth
Reply:You really do need to see a dentist to see for sure what is going on with your teeth. But I can tell you this much, I did not loose all of my baby teeth until after I was in my late 20's. Now that is a very rare thing to happen, but it does happen. Only problem with that is when I lost my baby teeth at the age, there was no other teeth to take there place as the second set didn't develop. So please do go to the dentist to find out what is going on with your teeth before it is too late.

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