Sunday, August 2, 2009

My 6 & 7 Year olds both have lost teeth, but my 6 year olds are growing back faster. Why?

My daughter (7) had 3 teeth pulled out (on top) when she was 4. They rotted due to alot of antibiotics. (she suffered from asthma nd allergies, which resulted in bronchial infections alot). She is much better now. ANYWAY...she lost 2 of her bottom teeth about a month and 1/2 ago, and nothing has peeked thru yet. My step son (6) lost a tooth about 3 weeks ago, and his new tooth is starting to peek out already. Does anyone know why my daughters new teeth are not growing back yet, even though she lost hers way before my step-son?

My 6 %26amp; 7 Year olds both have lost teeth, but my 6 year olds are growing back faster. Why?
Everyone above me is correct. It's very individual. The children are not even related genetically. You say that the teeth all "came out naturally," but maybe your daughter wiggled them a little bit more with her tongue and got them to come out a little bit sooner (relatively speaking) than your stepson.
Reply:Tell her not to worry. With inflation being what it is, the longer she can hold onto her teeth, the more they will be worth under the pillow! Report It

Reply:Hopefully it's just the different kids, different speeds thing. If it takes too much longer, you may want to call and ask a dentist.
Reply:Well you know, they're different ages, different sex. Different people! I've grown up in a family of 4 kids and we all have been different. In fact I've a brother who's 8 and he just lost his FIRST tooth. So, I'd say it's just because they're different kids. If you get really concerned ask a dentist.
Reply:Everyones bodies grow at different rates. Chances are that your step-sons body is just faster at reproducing new cells. If you are that worried about it you can ask a doctor.

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