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Is it normal for older cats to lose their teeth?

i have 2 cats that are about the age of 6 yrs old..they both are losing their that normal or do i need to have that checked out?

Is it normal for older cats to lose their teeth?
My 22 year old cat had lost NO teeth other than one canine which was cracked and had to be pulled. She had her teeth cleaned every year in the seven years that I had her. My other cats of 16, 13 and 12 have not lost any teeth.

So it is not "normal" for a six year old cat or cats to be losing teeth. Some cats, like some people, have a poor genetic profile with teeth and they need regular attention from the veterinarian to maintain their dental and physical health.
Reply:Wet food is a major cause of tooth decay in cats. You may want to have them checked by a vet as this is a early age for cats to start lossing there teeth they may even have more of a tooth problem than you think, which can be costly. I don't want to alarm you i am just giving you a heads up.
Reply:6 years is fairly young to be losing teeth, and it could indicate a gum problem that needs to be addressed by a vet. If the gums are red, then intervention can save your cat. (I am not joking here, gum problems can lead to serious health issues with your cat). However, there are genetic reasons for tooth loss, and if that is the case, your cat will do fine eating even dry food without any teeth.
Reply:well, if they were over 9 or 10 yrs old it would seem normal but 6 yrs old seems strange.
Reply:need to get it checked out - your cats may need a good dental cleaning by the vet. most people think i am nuts when i say i get my cats (or dogs) teeth cleaned, but they need it just like people do. when they are at the vets for their yearly well check, they always check their teeth so if they need cleaning i make the appointment. most of the time they are anywhere from 5 - 7 years old before the tartar starts building up enough to where the vet recommends a cleaning. after that it depends on a lot of things - the type of food they eat, whether or not you are willing to brush them, and sometimes even the type of saliva the animal has. i used to have a dog that had to have her teeth cleaned every 6 months - she lived to a ripe old age of 13 and unfortunately got cancer. my oldest cat is 16 she has to have her teeth cleaned every year. i'm almost to the point of not doing it any more because the anesthesia scares me. i have all of the pre - anesthesia blood work done that the vet recommends, but i'm so afraid that she's not going to wake up. my 4 year old shih tzu x has already had her teeth cleaned twice - small dogs tend to need it more often than larger dogs and also start needing it earlier
Reply:I'm not sure 'normal' is the right word but it's pretty common. Dental disease is almost universal in older cats, and tends to cause tooth loss with time. Obviously some cats are more affected than others, but to find out about *your* cat it would be best to have a vet check his teeth.

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