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My puppy's teeth are coming out, is this normal?

My puppy is about six months old, has had all his shots and healthy bill from the vet. Recently the last two days, he has been losing teeth... Should I be worried? Is this normal?

He chews on stuffed toys a lot and bones for puppy chewing. Advice ? I am worried about him.

My puppy's teeth are coming out, is this normal?
Yes, its normal.

Deciduous teeth are baby teeth that come out by around 4-6 months.

By a year, if the baby teeth are still present, there's a higher chance of dental disease because of food particles that can get stuck in those teeth.

But losing the teeth is completely normal and healthy. Best thing to do is NOT GIVE BONES but try something called a Nylabone. Dogs can't ingest them (so therefore they can't get intestinal blockages) and they come in varieties which your dog will love.
Reply:Perfectly normal. All puppies lose their baby teeth and grow adult teeth right away. No need to worry :)
Reply:Just like humans, puppies are getting permanent teeth as well.
Reply:He is losing his babyteeth.. Nothing to worry about.

Be happy! Celebrate! This means no more biting! yay! lol
Reply:My puppy did the same thing. I was very alarmed when I began to notice loose teeth in his crate and blood stains on her toys! However it is very normal, and all her fallen teeth are replaced by new set. We have kept her baby teeths as souvenir..

I think toys actually helped her (stuffed animals, homemade socks toy, nylabones, kongs etc..) lose her teeth faster.
Reply:thats good! don't forget that puppy teething doesnt hurt like it does human babies and to not let him bite you. dont give him rawhide, it expands in their tummys and can hurt them.
Reply:Puppies have baby teeth and Adult teeth.

They fall out around 6 months like normal.

He is chewing on a lot of things because he teething.

Don't let anyone tell you puppies don't feel discomfort when they teeth. Dogs just don't show pain like humans do. Dogs can just take a certain amount of pain before they actually whine but they still feel just as much pain as a baby teething. they're just not vocal about it. So sometimes they tend to chew anything. Like your shoes ,socks whatever they can find to give them relief.Just like babies puppies need to chew. Working at pet co doesn't make you an expert on animals its a retail store not a vets office.

You can get enzymatically treated raw hides that digest better in dogs than store bought. Just regular nylon chew bones are fine for him.

No need to worry about him. he sounds like a regular normal puppy.
Reply:No worries!! Every puppie loses its baby teeth. When they are between the ages of 4-8 mos. they go through a stage called "teething" where they chew anything they can because of the sensations going on in their mouth. It is good that you have puppy chewing toys to help in this stage. And as they play with those toys you will notice blood on some of the toys, this is perfectly normal and all part of the teething process. Another thing is that if you notice a tooth missing in your puppy's mouth, but you have not found a tooth in the kennel or on the floor, he/she probably swallowed it accidentaly and don't worry this is also perfectly normal. Don't worry about it your puppy will be fine.

It's a good thing you're concerned though. Hope this eases your anxiety. Good luck with your little guy, I'm sure he'll give you loads of good memories for years to come. :)
Reply:Totally!! They are just like kids. They chew more when they are puppies because their adult teeth are breaking through the gums. enjoy your puppy!!
Reply:Just like when we are little we loose our teeth and get adult teeth, so do puppies. He'll be fine.
Reply:Your puppy is loosing its baby teeth and will grow adult teeth. This is very normal. The good thing is now he won't have those very sharp baby teeth.


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