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Do yorkie puppies have baby teeth?

my yorkie puppy is 5 months old, he just lost a tooth, the first tooth he has lost unless im mistaken. do yorkie puppies have baby teeth and when should he lose them all? when will he grow adult teeth? also, i am feeding him a food recommended by the vet, science plan, but if he is going to be losing teeth is it going to be too hard for him to eat? what should i feed him in the meantime until he grows adult teeth?

Do yorkie puppies have baby teeth?
Yes, all dogs lose their baby teeth around 4-6 months old. Small breed dogs such as Yorkies sometimes have problems losing all their teeth and end up with double layers of teeth because the new tooth grows right behind the old one, which hasn't fallen off. If this happens, your vet needs to take them out during the dog's spay/neuter surgery. In a normal case, all the teeth should be out by 5-7 months of age.

There is no food called Science Plan- you're either talking about Science Diet or Purina Pro Plan. Either way, both brands are crappy foods. They're full of junk- corn, byproducts, and fillers.

Feed him one of these high-quality foods:

Canidae (cheapest deal out there- good quality food for cheap)

Wellness (has a grain-free formula)

Nature's Variety (has a grain-free formula)

Orijen (grain-free)

Addiction Dog Food

Solid Gold (has a grain-free formula)


Innova EVO (grain-free)

California Natural (same company as Innova/Innova EVO)

Taste of the Wild (grain-free)

Timberwolf Organics (has grain-free formulas)

Blue Buffalo (has a grain-free formula)

Ziwi Peak (awesome grain-free food)

The Honest Kitchen (has grain-free formulas)


As he loses his teeth, he might lose appetite as well. You can make it easier for him to eat food by moistening his kibble with water, low-sodium beef broth, or low-sodium chicken broth.
Reply:He will continue to loose his baby teeth over the next couple of months. Continue feeding him as usual. He won't have any problems eating.
Reply:yes yorkies have baby teeth they should have adult teeth by 6 months old
Reply:All dog breed have milk teeth as puppies that come out and are replaced by the adult teeth.

It is not like he will become completely toothless all at once, he will still be able to eat his regular food so there is no reason to change.
Reply:Yes. Yorkies do have baby teeth, all dogs do. The Yorkie is known for not losing all of their teeth though, they often keep quite alot of them, especially the canines.

But dont worry about it, its totally normal :)
Reply:All puppies have baby teeth, he'll be fine.
Reply:All dogs have baby teeth. They begin to shed them at around 6 mos. and their permanant teeth should be in by 1 year.
Reply:Yes, Yorkies have baby teeth. Losing the baby teeth are very important for the proper growth of their adult teeth, which Yorkies have problems with anyway due to the size of their small mouths. If dogs don't lose their baby teeth, their adult teeth will grow behind them, will cause plaque because they are so close together, and may need to be pulled (This happened to my Yorkie with a baby canine tooth). Don't be concerned about the dog food unless it is too big for his mouth, where he is just swallowing it whole. Hard dog food is important to small dogs because it cleans their teeth, thus avoiding plaque and tooth loss.
Reply:puppies should start loosing baby teeth around 4-5 months and will continue to loose the rest over the next couple of months

usually if when a dog goes to the vet to be spayed or neutered (around 6 months) if they still have baby teeth the vet will pull them while they are under the aneathsia
Reply:all puppys have baby teeth so donnot worry sometimes ou find them and sometimes you dont its fine
Reply:all puppies have baby teeth, its hard to notice them falling out though. i only ever saw one laying in the floor. i think they are fine with hard food. maybe get the small bites.
Reply:yes all pups have puppy teeth.

Most of the time you won't even notice as they often swallow their teeth.

The pup can continue on the regular food he whould be just fine.

the teeth should be out between 66-8 months old and the adult teeth pretty much grow right in.

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  1. Our puppy lost his teeth. We bought pet products like rubber bones for him to chew on. It seemed to help him get the teeth out.


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