Sunday, August 2, 2009

Losing tooth enamel?

I've lost some tooth enamel on the bottom of my front two teeth. I have a dentist visit next month. Is there anything in particular I can ask for? I have read about some remineralisation products and prescription toothpastes in the US. Are such things available in the UK?

Losing tooth enamel?
Nothing can make your enamel grow back. However, prescription toothpastes such as Prevadent Plus and ACT mouthwash can help remineralize the areas effected and make your existing enamel stronger.
Reply:Ask for composite resin. It's the same color as your teeth and it goes on, then they shape it to the form of your teeth. It's not especially strong, but it'll hold for a long time if you don't go biting caps off beer bottles or anything that crazy. It sounds like you have a hard-bristled tooth brush and you might be brushing a little too hard. That, or do you drink a large quantity of caffine or sugars? You might want to consider changing your diet as well.

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