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At what age does a child start losing their teeth?

My daughter lost a bottom tooth about 2 months ago, and today I have noticed she has lost another tooth, next to the one she lost first. I can't find it anywhere, so I can only assume she has swallowed it as she was eating an apple. Not only that, the tooth on the otherside of the first one she lost is also loose.

Is this okay, as I am worried now, I can't get hold of the dentist, too late in the day.

A bit of a thick question, but I don't know anyone with a child this late in the day to ask.

Thanks for your help.

At what age does a child start losing their teeth?
Usually around the age of 6 as I recall it lasted from 1st to 3rd grade, then these big honkin teeth grew in and I thought oh my god my child is going to have horse teeth, but when the other ones grew in around them , they turned out fine. Your child probably did swallow the tooth, be glad she does not freak out like one of mine did and puke all over the place when one fell out!
Reply:between the age of 6 and 12 years old
Reply:About 6 or 7 years of age.
Reply:This is normal, dont worry.

Average age for losing teeth is about 5 to 6 and sometimes they will all come out in a short space of time as with your daughter or it can be months in between the first and the next.
Reply:I lost 3 teeth within 2 days of each other when iwas six....

just keep trying to get a hold of a dentist if you still worry and need a professional opinon.
Reply:6-7 years..lowers are always first
Reply:Usually around 6 years old
Reply:It can vary in each child but usually about the age of 7............. and then at the age of 18 when they start having pub brawls!
Reply:about the age they start talking back
Reply:that will be 6 years old onwards my daughter is 6 yrs 2 mts and always checking for wobbley teeth as many of her classmates have their new teeth already
Reply:My son lost his first tooth when he was 5 years old my daughter not until she was 6. If your daughter is around 5 and in good health I wouldn't worry about it.
Reply:When they get bullied by grandma...ahaha
Reply:hey dont worry bout this 2 much.. normally starts from 6 but sometimes irregular things happen
Reply:my daughter is 5 and she lost her first tooth on wednesday.
Reply:My dentist recently told me that children normally start losing their teeth around the age of 6 onwards. My daughter lost her first tooth when she was 7 and has only so far lost 2, but she has a friend who has lost quite a few teeth in the last year. As one tooth fell out, the next one to it got wobbly! Don't worry about it, it is quite normal. Also, don't forget that as children lose the front teeth, then she will get her new back teeth as well, so she may have what appear to be lumps on her gums at the back which can take quite some time to come through. Good luck, and if any pain, don't forget that rubbing Anbosol (I think thats what it is called) on the gums will help with the pain.
Reply:It is normal to loose more than one tooth at a time. If she swallowed the tooth, I don't think it could cause much damage if any. I think she will be fine. My son is loosing his teeth right now. He has lost three on the bottom and one on top. The others are loose also. It is normal.
Reply:My youngest lost his first two teeth when he was 5. I've known kids to lose a tooth at age 4 1/2. Probably the norm is between 5 and 13 as teeth losing years.
Reply:Hi - it differs with children. Mine are 9 and 5, and both have no front teeth at the moment!

Both have lost top middle two and bottom middle four over about the last 6 months.
Reply:Most kids start to lose their teeth around age 6, if its fallen out due to some kind of trauma, you'd know it, mouths bleed a lot. My daughter had a tooth yanked out her mouth when she jumped of a slide and landed mouth open on a washing line, it bled for ages. If she's swallowed the tooth it won't do her any harm, it will either be broken down in her system or come straight out the other end.

It's common for lots of teeth to follow when they start falling out, my daughter lost eight in only a few months
Reply:Varies relative to their diet and hygiene.

Anything from age 4 -6 for the milk teeth and after that the rest with time or neglect.

One word of advice.

After the milk teeth go the next two or so years are very important.

As the mouth fills with new teeth count them and when there is nothing left except the wisdom teeth to come visit a dentist and ask if the mouth is big enough for them.

He might take out the back ones top and bottom but don't worry.

The child will not need braces and will enjoy healthy teeth for life.
Reply:Kids will often lose more than one tooth at a time, creating a gap-toothed smile. Usually they lose the bottom two then the top two, then work their way outwards. Age can vary. Typically this starts around age 6, but it can be a year or more earlier or later. I have school pictures of some of my kids where they had no front teeth at all, just a big hole. At a holiday performance for one of my sons' first grade class, they sang "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth." Most of them embodied the song perfectly. If you have been taking your daughter for regular dental checkups, you probably have nothing to worry about. If you haven't, get started so that she will have good care as her permanent teeth come in. Fluoride treatments really make a remarkable difference in preventing cavities!
Reply:at 6 or 7
Reply:Some kids lose them faster than others, but the norm is age 6. Your daughter is fine, as some kids shed several milk teeth at once.

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