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What type of food is best for a dog losing her teeth?

I have a 14 year old Chihuahua/Beagle mix and her teeth are starting to fall out, and just aren't as strong as they used to be. I don't want to feed her wet food, because I've hear it can make their teeth worse and that it can cause diarrhea. What type of food would be best for her at this stage in her life? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much! =)

What type of food is best for a dog losing her teeth?
Give her the food you normally give her, but add water to it and mix it thoroughly until the kibble is softened but not mushy.

If you haven't checked in with a vet, please do so. Senior dogs don't lose their teeth (at least, none of mine have). There may be a gum disease that is causing the teeth to fall out. You can call your vet and ask about it before you make an appointment.

Good luck!
Reply:um.. maybe can food because its soft and it wont hurt her, and my dog loves can food
Reply:There is semi soft food you can also buy. It's not wet, just semi soft. I fed that to my 15 yr old dog.
Reply:Senior dogs develop dental problems, which can cause serious health issues and make it difficult for your dog to eat. Try to brush her teeth at least three times a week, and get a professional cleaning from your vet if needed.
Reply:Instead of thinking hard or soft, think nutritious.

Hard food can be moistened by the addition of water. Canned foods tend to cost more per serving than dry.
Reply:you need to contact your vet. A teeth cleaning may be in order then they can discuss your feeding options with you
Reply:the best food i would use would have to be cat food.Studies have been shown that cat food is the best kind of pet food for elderly dogs.
Reply:try a semi moist food its not mush but its not hard for her to bite and try to find it in a senior formula but stay away from anything to cheap good luck
Reply:Try can food . Some dogs are fine with just softening up there dry food !!
Reply:Well I suggest feeding its normal food with a dab of water and some cooked rice and carrots. Both are excellent for eyes,skin,teeth ,fur and digestive system. Depending on how bad its teeth are you may have to mix it up pretty well but Im guarenteeing your dog will love it and no diarrhea.I feed it to my 10 yr old beagle and she just goes crazy over it !
Reply:You can buy Pet Botanic's Rolled Meat. It's got great ingredients, and it's moist!
Reply:One of my dogs is 15 and I use Royal Canin it is really small bits of food sometimes I put broth over it. Works well for her.
Reply:Hi, I lost a Yorkie mini about 4 yrs ago she is now in the Guinness book of records and lived to be 23 yrs old with no teeth in her head, I fed her Cesar trays for the last 6 yrs of her life and it did her no harm and she died peacefully at home of sheer old age. good luck with your baby.

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