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I'm losing my teeth 1 by 1 and I'm scared of dentists. Should I just have them all out and get it over with?

I'm only 15, but I'm missing my front teeth and some in back already and the rest aren't that good. My grandma says bad teeth and gums run in the family. Can it really be from bad jeans? My teeth were never very white no matter how much I brush, so I'm used to keeping my mouth closed when I smile.

I'm losing my teeth 1 by 1 and I'm scared of dentists. Should I just have them all out and get it over with?
Dentists today are far more knowledgeable about how to deal with fearful patients...there are a number of ways they can allow you to feel quite comfortable during any procedure that is necessary.

Holding off going to a dentist due to fear isn't wise, if your teeth are becoming loose and falling out due to gingivitis, this is a very preventable disease but left unchecked, it can cause devestation within the mouth that can also send bacteria through the bloodstream which in turn can make you ill in other ways.

Speak with family, friends, relatives and find out the name of a dentist they trust, like or recommend highly then make an appointment and keep it. There are several options available to you and the very last option would be to have your teeth removed and false teeth placed. Keep in mind however that dental work isn't cheap but many dentists accept insurance and for those without that they can accept payment arrangements.

Get your dentist in place, learn what he recommends and then go from there. If you think the dentist is trying to force you to do what you don't want a full mouth of individual implants at a princely sum of $45,000+ then shop around for another one. There is one out there who will give you the care you need and do so fairly.

Good luck and hope you can look forward to a beautiful smile shortly, you'll be a different person both in looks and in self confidence. This is one area you shouldn't be afraid to have's the first impression the world sees, you deserve to know its one of your best features.

Take care
Reply:Wow! quick work! Excellent. Staff and dentist will be great. Enjoy your gorgeous smile soon and thanks for the rating. Appreciated. Report It

Reply:Runs in my family too

Get all your back teeth pulled and get your top 4 and bottom 4 fixed and then fake teeth.

Reply:get the all out, you boyfriend will thank you!
Reply:You might have diabetes. You should go to the doctor maybe you can save your teeth.
Reply:No way girl! You need to see a cosmetic dentist! There are so many other options!
Reply:Bad genes are probably the cause of your bad teeth.

Have them all out? You're only 15. You don't want false teeth, do you? Go to the dentist!! It is the best thing for you. Floss every night too.
Reply:yeah it can run in the genes...

just get your teeth done and over with.. unless u want to have that monal lisa smile the rest of ur life...

dentists are there to help and make ur teeth look better..
Reply:It can be, in part. However, diet and cleanliness have more to do with it than genes. You need to see a psychiatrist.
Reply:No. You should over come your fear of dentists. The fear alone says, you're a child, who doesn't understand what dentist do. Unless your a senior citizen, you will grow new teeth. If a tooth is loose, just take it out, rinse the blood out of your mouth, and put it under a pillow. I can tell you from expereince that if you try eating a candy bar, you'll swallow your loose tooth.
Reply:i have the same problem and i don't smile with my mouth open . I'm older then you and all i can say is that how you look isn't any indication of who you are . i hope we Both get the money and guts to go get them fixed one day .
Reply:go to the dentist NOW!!! Theer is no otehr way, it does not matter if it is bad genes or not, you might have some kind of disorder.!!!
Reply:Yes that's what should be done have all pulled a once an they will have already taken a mole of your teeth and after they pull them they will put you plate with your teeth on they and you will look fine the pain will go away after a few days.
Reply:You probably have severe gingivitus which causes teeth to fall out. If you really don't wanna go to the dentist start chewing on licorice root (yes the actual root) and get some turmeric powder and make a paste of it and put it in some gauze and keep it in your mouth overnight, every night. That should help get rid of the gingivitus and firm up your gums so that your teeth won't fall out. If you want to know how the herbs work just do some research online. Also you could go to your local health food store and see if they have any remedies for what you have. There are also naturopathic dentists which would probably first recommend some herbs or something other than actually pulling your teeth out. Also you should start flossing even though it will be painful.
Reply:You should definitely go see a dentist immediately! You are too young for all those problems! In our area (St. Louis) they have dentist who will knock you out and do all the work at once. It may be something to look into whichever route you decide to go.

Good Luck!
Reply:I've had problems with my teeth as well, and have had a lot of fillings and several root canals, including a crown put in. Bad teeth run in my family too, but most of my dental problems I blame on myself for not having good cleaning habits as a child. I will one day probably require false teeth, but in the meantime, I have spent thousands on dentists just so I can keep my teeth for as long as I can. My teeth are also yellow, but I don't feel as self conscious about them as I once did, since I got a lot of fillings done in my front teeth. I have yet to lose a tooth except my wisdom teeth, which had to be removed. Trust is expensive, but worth it to get dental work done. It will do wonders for your self esteem. If you need to save money, get them worked on at a dental school. They will charge less than a regular dentist, because they're training.
Reply:in either caries or gum problems primer reason is microorganisms if you brush your teeth properly 2 times in a day and use dental floss you can feel your oral heath recovery

you had better to visit yourdentist as soon as possible

because teeth are chewing organs you need your teeth as much as you need your eyes

because being alive you have to eat for eating you need your teeth

artificial teeth are artificial never replace your own teeth

in addition you are too young cosmetic dentist can replace your missing tooth either by implants or ceramic bridge it looks like nice

and dentist can change bleached your teeth

they become white and you can use red lipstic and smile always


visit your dentist as soon as possible
Reply:I've had dental work done when I was 18 due to missing adult teeth - they never developed in my I had baby teeth pulled out. Then I had a fixed dental bridge put in (this is in my mouth permanently - not the kind you take out of the mouth which is called "removable bridge")....they look like natural teeth but they are not.

Maybe you can ask your dentist to have this done (have a new dental bridge - fixed or removable ), but make sure you have insurance to cover the dental bridge (aka false teeth) since they are expensive.

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