Saturday, July 25, 2009

At what age should you stop losing your teeth?

mine are still falling out

At what age should you stop losing your teeth?
Lay off the crack and start using a bottle opener
Reply:well Joey you have to stop the Meth
Reply:I'm 36 and they all have been knocked out. I just gum it now.
Reply:Around then the Coca Cola and sugar should have done most of the
Reply:hmmm. whatever age you are when they are all gone and you need dentures??

I had all of my wisdom teeth fully grown through when I was 14 years old...
Reply:No age, and person can get them knocked out at any age.
Reply:That's because you didn't eat the crust on your whitebread sandwiches...

(My babysitter when I was a kid told me that, must be true...)
Reply:Stop talking so much smack at the biker bars.
Reply:chewing's overrated anyway
Reply:hopefully they never do
Reply:When they're all gone. About 102 I guess.
Reply:Within a month or so of deciding to get dentures they

should be done falling out. You might try rinse, gargle

and swallow with Tullamore Dew, shown to be an

effective dentrifice when used as part of a regular

program of oral hygiene.

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