Friday, July 31, 2009

Im losing enamel on my teeth??help?

im 27 yrs old.and i have like white marks at the top of some of my teeth and the dentist said it is the enamel coming off my teeth.has this ever happened to any1 u kno or urself?what do i do about it?

Im losing enamel on my teeth??help?
Use Colgate total, and use that toothpaste that helps the enamel. I forgot the name of it, but look in Wal-Mart it's there.
Reply:I'm 38 and just noticed this happening on 2 of my teeth at the top near the gum.

Are you using a soft or extra soft toothbrush? That will slow it down, but there's not much you can do for the existing loss, according to my dentist.
Reply:Enamel comes off your teeth when you use whitening products, so make sure you don't use any of those.
Reply:It happened to me and I have no idea how to stop it and I'm only going on 13. Most of the enamel was missing when I got my teeth and what there was peeled off in like no time. I swear my teeth were rotten when they came in, and I had quite a few pulled already. I can't wait to just get rid of the rest like when I was a little kid. I had all my first teeth pulled out when I was almost 3 but I don't remember that. I just remember not havin teeth til 3rd grade. At least then they won't be hurting and have chunks breaking off all the time.
Reply:Go see a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and get into treatment for your bulimia.
Reply:Your are looking at expensive procedure of full mouth rehabilitation in which almost all your teeth are addressed with crowns and veneers. Search for:- affordable hollywood dream smile full mouth rehabilitation.
Reply:The answer above is reasonably right but without a proper consult not possible to tell. Quite possible you may need veneers for front teeth and crowns for back teeth. If all your teeth are affected, you of course are looking at full mouth reconstruction.

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